Learn how Kraus organic yerba mate and teas are produced. Visit ancient organic yerba mate plantations and discover a lovely place just a few miles from the many attractions of downtown Posadas. Enjoy the rolling hills, forests, streams and abundance of wildlife. Follow the rustic roads leading to the local farmers’ homes. Venture inside and the farmers themselves will tell you interesting stories and anecdotes from their life experiences.
Kraus is proud to form part of the Yerba Mate Route—a tourist itinerary of more than 1000 kilometers from Misiones to Corrientes, which was organized by the Association of the Yerba Mate Route (ARYM), a cluster of privately owned companies that promote awareness of the culture of yerba mate production; a culture that starts with a tiny seed and encompasses the cultivation, harvesting, processing and manufacturing of the final yerba mate products. Through guided tours, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, and other outdoor activities, including a yerba mate tasting—the Route promises an authentic look at the culture surrounding the production of yerba mate, including the natural and cultural heritages that nourish it.